Thursday, December 03, 2009

PA: 84-year-old man fends off intruder: "Don Kaighn doesn’t want to be portrayed as a hero or a vigilante. “I was just protecting myself,” said the 84-year-old, standing next to a dresser mirror that was shattered during what appeared to have been an all-out gunfight in the bedroom of his Franklin Avenue home. All around the bedroom and out into the hallway, investigators left behind numbered stickers indicating where bullet holes were found. Kaighn, a World War II veteran and a longtime member of the National Rifle Association, said he was bruised and had pulled a muscle, but was not seriously injured. According to police, a woman knocked on Kaighn’s door around 9:45 p.m. Monday saying her car had broken down. She asked to use the phone. After speaking to someone on the phone in the dining room, the woman began walking toward the front door. Instead of leaving, she turned and sprayed Kaighn in the face with a can of starter fluid. She whacked him over the head with the can as he stumbled into the kitchen of the twin home, police said. When the suspect turned the kitchen table over, Kaighn reached into a drawer and took out a small Colt pistol he said he had purchased for his late wife. The suspect turned and ran upstairs, with Kaighn following right behind. He knew there were more guns in his front bedroom. “She was in the front bedroom with the lights out, so I couldn’t see her,” Kaighn said. “She said stop or I’ll shoot.” Kaighn said he fired, then the suspect returned fire. Several more shots were fired. Both Kaighn and the suspect missed their intended targets, police said. The suspect is described as a black woman, 25 to 30 years old, about 5 feet 9 inches tall with a thin build and a medium complexion."

North Carolina: Store Robbery Foiled By Shotgun Toting Clerk: "A would-be armed robber apparently had second thoughts when an employee pulled out his shotgun Monday night. It happened at the Salem & Sons Convenience Store on Sunset Avenue in Rocky Mount around 10:20 p.m. Police say employees were inside cleaning up, and saw a customer at the front door. They let the man inside, but at the same time another man came in as well and showed a black handgun in the direction of an employee. That employee immediately got his shotgun, racked the slide, and pointed it at the would-be robber. The robber then turned around and slowly left the store. Nothing was taken in the robbery attempt."

Alaska-carry legislation, be careful what you wish for: "Not only should we be careful in what we wish for, but we should be ever so diligent when drafting pro gun legislation. One of the greatest evils against the Bill of Rights is legislation that doesn’t pass the constitutional test. This can happen even when the legislators have the best of intentions. … Let’s review Alaska-carry and the infringement on a citizen to inform a police officer that you have a firearm and how you must allow the officer to disarm you for their safety. Maybe that sounds good on the surface but does it pass the constitutional test? Absolutely not!”

CSU student vote favors allowing guns: "Student leaders at Colorado State University voted overwhelmingly tonight in favor of a resolution asking school president Tony Frank to continue to allow people with concealed-weapon permits to go armed on campus. "I feel students have a right to have a measure of self-defense on campus," said sophomore Cooper Anderson, a student senator representing the College of Agriculture Sciences and a co-author of the resolution. "It's a fact that crime doesn't stop at the university's doorstep." He added the change departs from state law and current university policy. "We've had enormous support and expressions of concern from students about the possibility of not keeping concealed-carry on campus, said junior David Ambrose, another resolution co-author who represents the College of Business. Twenty-one members of the Associated Students of CSU Senate voted in favor of the eight-page resolution, three against and five members were absent or abstained. CSU is one of a few U.S. colleges that allow weapons carried by those with permits. Campus police, other safety experts and Frank's cabinet said in October that the campus should be gun-free except for security officers."

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