Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NM: National Guardsman still in jail because of absurd bond: "In November, Richard Baca, a New Mexico National Guardsman who was home on leave from Iraq, got into an argument with Benito Lemos at a Las Vegas New Mexico intersection. Police reports revealed Lemos got out of his car and began attacking Baca. That's when police said Baca pulled out his gun and shot and killed Lemos. "This is a voluntary manslaughter case or a not guilty, because of self defense, it's one or the other and a jury is going to have to sort that out," said Jeff Buckles, Richard Baca's defense attorney. A judge agreed and lowered the charge from murder to manslaughter, but whether or not Baca acted in self-defense will be up to a jury to decide. Richard Baca is still behind bars on a $1 million cash only bond, that was for the murder charge. Baca's attorney says with lesser charge now on the table he's going to ask the court to reduce his client's bond." [This seems a gross miscarriage of justice. Benito Lemos, once a High School football star, a very large man not accustomed to loosing 'respect', left his Escalade SUV, to escalate a confrontation with the smaller Baca. He approached Baca's car, reportedly to "discuss" a traffic altercation. A scuffle reportedly ensued. At one point, Baca pulled his weapon and shot Lemos.]

MI: Evidence of self-defense is mounting in shooting: "Moments before he was fatally shot, police say Michael Robert Rajchel showed the handgun tucked into his pants. Adham Mofiid Abu Farha, 34, then fired multiple shots as the two men sat inside Farha's car in the driveway of his Pittsfield Township home the morning of Dec. 2, according to police. As investigators continue to seek a motive in the fatal shooting, they say evidence of Farha's self-defense assertion continues to mount. The shooting took place outside this home on Rockport Court on Dec. 2. "We've interviewed additional witnesses and got additional information that affirms Farha's self-defense assertion," Pittsfield Public Safety Director Matt Harshberger said. Around 8:30 a.m. Dec. 2, Rajchel showed up at Farha’s home at 2361 Rockport Court in the Arbor Creek subdivision on the township’s northwest side. They got into Farha's SUV, and multiple shots were fired as about 20 elementary students were waiting at a school bus stop across the street. Farha had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police said. He had his handgun tucked into his waistband when officers arrived at the scene, police said."

Florida: Wheelchair-bound man shoots home invader to death: "Eyewitness News talked to a 62-year-old wheelchair-bound man who shot and killed a man who tried to force his way into his home. Gary Wroblewski says he was watching television in the Silver Springs Shores neighborhood off County Road 464 late Monday night when someone knocked on his door. Wroblewski slightly cracked open the door and found a man claiming he needed help with his broken down car. He says he was immediately suspicious of the man and his story. “So I went and got my gun. I held it behind the door and I opened the door,” said Wroblewski. Wroblewski says he tried to send the man away and suggested he go to another house or call AAA. He says that is when another man, this one wearing a mask, appeared out of nowhere and forced his door open. Wroblewski was knocked out his wheelchair but was able to hold onto his gun and shot the masked invader. “I fired three shots,” recalled Wroblewski. “Obviously you hit one of them,” said a photojournalist. “Yeah, severely,” said Wroblewski. Wroblewski says it took him ten minutes to get back into his wheelchair. Once he did, he went to a neighbor’s house and asked them to call 911. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has not released the name of the suspect who was killed. The other suspect got away. The sheriff’s office has not said whether the homeowner will face any charges. He is likely protected by Florida’s Castle Doctrine."

IL: Whistles instead of guns? "Thousands of Oak Park residents are being equipped with a simple device to help fight crime in the village. Police are passing out whistles that they are urging citizens to blow if they are victims of or witnesses to a crime. Officers distributed hundreds of the shiny whistles at two stations along the CTA’s Green Line in Oak Park on Friday and will be passing out more Wednesday along the Blue Line.”

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