Monday, December 07, 2009

CA: Gun battle erupts at robbery: "A gun battle erupted in Long Beach Sunday night when a store clerk fought back against two men robbing his place. It happened around 8 p.m. when two armed men entered the store in the 6700 block of Long Beach Boulevard and demanded money from the register and the customers inside. One of those customers says the owner grabbed a gun and chased after the robbers. "He took off after, I guess he had a gun that he stashed over there, and he took off after. And I heard the shooting--bam, bam-- you know, the shooting. I stayed inside. There was no way I was going to go outside at all. No way," described robbery victim Ramon Magallon. The clerk and customers were not hurt. It is not known if either of the robbers was hit in the exchange of gunfire, but both escaped on foot and are still at large."

GA: Shooter gets shot: "Security guards shot and killed an unruly patron at a College Park nightclub, police said. The shooting occurred at Oceans 66 at 5058 Old National Highway early Sunday, College Park Police Sgt. Eddie Atkins told the AJC. Jeffrey Bing, 27, died from a gunshot wound, the Fulton County Medical Examiner told the AJC. Bing, of College Park, entered the club with a gun. When the security officers questioned him about the gun, he got unruly, police said. “He started shooting at the security officers and patrons,” Atkins said. Guards fired back, striking and killing Bing, police said. Atkins said detectives are still investigating the shooting. As of Sunday evening, no charges had been filed. Witness statements corroborated the security guards’ story, police said."

MD: Machine gun shooter bashed: "Shortly after 3:00 am on Sunday morning, police were called to investigate a shooting at the Sheraton City Center Hotel in downtown Baltimore. The investigation revealed that a group of approximately 20 young adults, all from Baltimore, were having a party in 2 rented, adjoining hotel rooms. During the party, a fight between two males broke out. 19 year-old Raymond Woodland of Baltimore shot 19 year-old Marquis Johnson also of Baltimore in the face with a Tech-9 semi-automatic weapon. Johnson was transported to Shock Trauma in serious condition. Woodland is currently on probation until 2012 for earlier drug charges. Following the shooting, Woodland was disarmed and beaten by Abdullah Omar and Dominic Anderson. After Abdullah and Anderson disarmed Woodland, they held him down and beat him so severely that he had to be transported to the hospital and is in critical condition. In addition there was an additional victim who suffered minor facial lacerations as a result of the scuffle for the weapon. Homicide detectives have investigated the incident and interviewed numerous witnesses and people of interest. Attempted murder, assault, and illegal weapons charges are forthcoming against Woodland, Abdullah and Anderson."

A tale of two frauds: "In a blazing triumph of ignorance, stupidity, bigotry, and junk science, members of the Colorado State Board of Agriculture—by bizarre historical accident, the governing body for Colorado State University—have decided they would rather see a coed raped in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose, than see her with a gun in her hand.Regrettably, they have made this indefensible decision, not just for themselves, but for thousands of students, faculty, visitors, and staff who must now brave the hazards of a well-advertised criminal free-fire zone, simply to attend classes, do their jobs, move from one location to another on the campus, and return home again each night. Screw democracy, screw the republic, screw the Constitution, screw the Second Amendment, screw decent common sense and decades of established scientific fact regarding the vital necessity and efficacy of armed self-defense. We might as well just call the place “Screw U.”"

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