Friday, December 04, 2009

MN: Victim and attacker both shot during break-in: "Two people broke into a St. Paul home and shot a man, who returned fire and wounded an attacker, police said. The attackers and victim appear "to have had some history for them to have targeted him," said Janet Dunnom, St. Paul police spokeswoman. The home's resident, Samuel Thomas Voorhees, was shot in the shoulder during the break-in about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday near Battle Creek Regional Park, Dunnom said. It was his 23rd birthday. The preliminary investigation has shown Voorhees' .40-caliber handgun was stolen, Dunnom said. Police found the drug Ecstasy in plain view inside the home, she said. The wounded suspect who was later arrested, Kevin Lemar Jones, 23, got out of prison last month in a robbery case. Police continue to look for the other suspect. The shooting occurred after two men kicked in the front door of a home in the 2100 block of Wildview Avenue, Dunnom said. Voorhees and his 22-year-old girlfriend were in bed when they heard "bang, bang, bang," she said. Voorhees grabbed a gun and went to investigate. He found nothing and returned to bed, Dunnom said. When the couple again heard noises, Voorhees looked out the bedroom door and saw two men coming down the hallway. Voorhees tried to close the door, but an attacker with a gun held it open, Dunnom said. The man fired, striking Voorhees in the shoulder. Voorhees returned fire, wounding one of the suspects, Dunnom said. A man who went to the Hennepin County Medical Center a short time later had a gunshot wound "consistent with the home invasion." He was identified as Jones. Police arrested him on suspicion of felony assault and parole violation at 2:15 a.m. Thursday, according to a Ramsey County jail log."

Nutty Leftist argument: "Said Bill Mann in The Huffington Post: " This weekend's tragic murder of four Seattle-area police officers has blown away one of the NRA and gun nuts' major -- if ancient and tired -- arguments... The four Seattle-cops were armed, and it didn't stop them from being shot. The "if-only everyone-were-armed" argument was crazy and reckless before this. Now it's been proven beyond a doubt to be absolutely ridiculous." Mann apparently missed the fact that Clemmons was indeed shot by one of the police officers he attacked. He would have stood a much better chance of getting away with these slayings had not the officers been armed and able to fight back. It is certainly tragic that they were unable to survive the ambush, but Mann's logic is certainly flawed. Even had Clemmons not been shot during the attack, a wound that very well may have eventually been fatal, claiming that one isolated incident proves self-defense is worthless is like saying if someone wearing a seat belt dies as the result of an automobile accident then we should give up on wearing seat belts at all. Try telling the rest of the nation's law enforcement officers that they might as well turn in their guns because defensive arms didn't save these four."

Sick Canada: "The right to self-defence does indeed exist in Canada. The Port Alberni store owner had every right to assume that the lives of his wife and himself were in mortal danger. The robbers were armed and a danger to the public. If there was no attempted armed robbery there would have been no need for any shots to be fired. Now our provincial government wants to make it illegal for decent citizens to have body armour. I am disgusted by the idea that decent people do not have a right to defend their lives and property from violent thugs. Not only should people like the store owner be allowed to have a gun (any gun) for defence, they should be wearing them on their hips, not being required to have them in safes when they are in the store. We do not have to be victims of crime in Canada."

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