Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK: Man Found Not Guilty Of Shooting After "Standing His Ground" Speaks: "Mark Abshire was charged with shooting with intent to kill in 2007 and his life turned upside down until his trial a few weeks ago. The jury found Abshire not guilty, that he was acting in self defense. It started after vehicles had sped through the neighborhood for the second time and a neighbor's wife, hollered at them to slow down. Two cars came back to Abshire's house, cussed his wife and attacked his neighbor. He says he sprayed pepper spray, pulled his gun and told them to leave. A third car pulled up, so now he was facing six angry, drunk men while his wife was on the phone to the sheriff. "When we told them they need to leave, they were still screaming we messed with the wrong people and didn't know what we'd done," Abshire said. "One guy started reading the house numbers off my house and said we don't care if the police are coming, we'll burn your f-ing house down and kill everybody in it." Mark says he turned to look at his wife, when Robbie Case tackled him, knocking him to the concrete, cracking his teeth. "Starting pulling me by the throat into the ditch, choking me while he friend was kicking me, I finally managed to get his hand off my throat, drew my gun and shot him," Abshire said. He fired again; Case was hit in the chest and the back and paralyzed. Abshire was arrested and sat in jail 18 days before being charged with shooting with intent to kill." [Why was he charged? Hostile police?]

TX Police: Homicide Was "Likely" Self Defense: "Orange Police say it appears the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy in Orange nearly 2 weeks ago is a case of self defense. Authorities say Jayrious Green was shot and killed late Saturday night on December 19 in the 1800 block of West Barkins Street. Police say it appears Green was planning to sell drugs to a 28-year-old man but decided he would try to rob his customer instead. Officers say a struggle resulted with Green eventually getting shot by his own gun."

Utah: Mountain Lion Shot after Killing Family Dog: "Elain Jorgenson walked outside her house to feed her dog only to discover her 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mauled to death, bloodied and in nearly an unrecognizable state. She turned around and took two steps back to find a Mountain Lion hissing at her. Reeling in shock, she turned and ran into the house calling out her husband. “So I’m yelling at him ‘please get the gun’; he shoots it, we call 911 to let them know what happened.” The couple is from Peoa, a small town just northeast of Park City, nestled in the mountains. Wildlife experts call this an isolated incident, but warn those to be safe and try to keep pets inside as much as possible this winter. “This situation was a young juvenile cat, first winter on its own in my estimation…looking for food in the winter,” Jorgenson says."

Revolvers versus pistols again: "It’s my belief that in hunting, a revolver is superior to an automatic. If you have a dud or a misfire, you simply pull the trigger once more and a new cartridge rotates into place. An automatic can get you killed when you’re 2 feet from an angry bear or when a 300-pound hog comes charging out of the brush. The old revolver works every time and will never let you down. Fortunately, I have never had to fire a gun at another human being, and I hope I never do. Unfortunately, there are antisocial people out there who can and do harm their fellow humans. Some occupations are dangerous, and so are some neighborhoods, and there can be times when you need a handgun for self-defense. If that’s the case and you feel you must carry a gun with you, that’s where the automatic pistol earns its keep. They are convenient to carry and, with proper training and lots of practice, a most effective self-defense weapon."

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