Saturday, December 05, 2009

MI: Evidence points to self-defense; man who was shot was armed: Investigators say they’ve uncovered evidence that a Pittsfield Township homeowner was acting in self-defense when he fatally shot another man outside his home Wednesday morning. Both men were armed when they got into a dispute, police revealed this afternoon. The shooting took place early Wednesday on Rockport Court in the Arbor Creek subdivision. The accused shooter, Adham Mofiid Abu Farha, 34, was released from the Washtenaw County Jail this afternoon as police continue to investigate the shooting outside Farha’s home in the Arbor Creek subdivision. Police say Michael Robert Rajchel, 28, of Van Buren Township, came to Farha’s home at 2361 Rockport Court, on the township’s northwest side, before 8:30 a.m. He was carrying a loaded semi-automatic handgun, Pittsfield Public Safety Director Matt Harshberger said. The two men got into Farha’s SUV, and numerous shots were fired. About 20 elementary students were waiting at a school bus stop across the street. Farha, who had a concealed weapons permit, fired multiple shots, Harshberger said. It does not appear Rajchel fired his gun, Harshberger said. He declined to reveal whether Rajchel had a concealed weapons permit. Farha was arrested just outside his home when officers got there. He was held in the Washtenaw County Jail until this afternoon. Washtenaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Joseph Burke said the prosecutor's office has asked detectives to continue investigating before a decision is made on any possible criminal charges."

CA: Fresno Homeowner Holds Black Burglars At Gunpoint: "Two burglars are behind bars, put there by their intended victim. According to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, just before 10:30 p.m. a homeowner returned to his house on the 5000 block of W Belmont to discover the door ajar and the lights on. He peeked inside and saw a man rummaging through his things. The homeowner pulled out his handgun and entered the home pointing it at the burglar. He ordered the man to the ground, firing a warning shot at him when he attempted to move. As he did this, another burglar appeared from the hallway causing the homeowner to order him to the ground as well. While holding both suspects at gunpoint, the homeowner called the Fresno County Sheriff's Department, who arrived a short time later. Deputies found some of the victims property on the suspects, as well as in their car. Deputies were also able to connect the suspect to a prior robbery at the home last month. The suspects have been identified as 53-year-old Clarence Leon Dews and 45-year-old Archie Anthony Dews. Both men have been charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. In addition to the charges, Dews was found to have 3 outstanding arrest warrants for traffic related crimes and be on felony parole."

Colorado State University To Ban Self Defense: " Colorado State has been rattling it’s empty saber scabbard for years about a “No Firearms Policy”, but this week the (bad) idea reached a fevered pitch. After the CSU Faculty Council (read: Liberal, freedom-hating professors) recommended to CSU President Tony Frank to ban firearms on campus, the student government quickly stood on the side of freedom and asked Frank to leave the policy as it is (i.e. permit holders, including students, can carry). Then, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, himself first elected as sheriff solely due to the concealed carry issue (the previous RINO sheriff had refused to issue permits), publicly told CSU that his office (which controls the only jail in the county) would not enforce any ban on permit holders, wouldn’t participate in detaining any valid permit holders, and his jail would not hold them. He also added that he didn’t think CSU had the legal authority to enforce a ban that is contrary to state law. And, despite a barrage of letters and calls from State Legislators, citizens and CSU Alumni, the CSU Board of Governors today recommended to President Frank (who makes the final decision) to ban all firearms on campus."

Arizona Man Served 3 Years for Self Defense Shooting: "An Arizona man who spent nearly three years in prison for justifiably shooting a man in self-defense is now free and clear of all guilt in his case. This week the Arizona Supreme Court let stand the state appellate court’s decision to overturn Harold Fish’s second-degree murder conviction. The National Rifle Association provided assistance in this case. In 2006, Harold Fish was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Grant Kuenzli. Fish encountered Kuenzli and his vicious dogs while hiking on a trailside in Coconino County in May of 2004. After Fish fired warning shots at the aggressive dogs, Kuenzli tried to attack him, and Fish was forced to shoot him in self-defense".

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