Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alabama: Man attempts to rob pizza deliverer: "A would be robber got more than he bargained for when he tried to hold up a pizza delivery driver. As FOX10 News reporter Renee Dials explains, the robber found himself looking down the barrel of the intended victim’s gun. Dean said there were no lights on at the house, so he had to use his spotlight to find the address.... when I got that far up he came out from the side of the porch and had a shotgun on me,” Dean said. Instead of panicking, Dean did something the robber wasn’t expecting. “I dropped my pizza bag when I drew my weapon and that got his attention. He glanced to the side, and when he glanced, I just drew my weapon, and he ran off, almost instantaneously,” he explained."

Texas: Restaurant owners fight off would-be robber: "Forrest Blackwelder-Baggett, 21, walked into the Delta’s Restaurant on Parmer Lane near Lamplight Village Avenue on Sunday evening and pointed the weapon at Ehsan Gharibi, the owner of the restaurant, the arrest affidavit said. “Give me all the cash,” he told Gharibi, the arrest affidavit said. After Blackwelder-Baggett pointed the weapon at a female employee trying to dial 911, Gharibi reached out for Blackwelder-Baggett, twisted his arm and took the gun away, the affidavit said. Blackwelder-Baggett then drove off in a vehicle, as Arellano wrote down his license plate, the affidavit said. Blackwelder-Baggett swerved the vehicle toward Arellano and then drove away, the affidavit said. Cedar Park police responded to an address in Cedar Park that matched the vehicle, the affidavit said. He was taken into custody"

New York: LI Man Shoots Neighbor’s Pit Bull: "Barking between Suffolk County neighbors over a pit bull came to a head Tuesday when a man shot and killed the dog. The canine reportedly broke free from its leash this afternoon in East Setauket just as a group of kids were coming home from school, and began to attack the students, police said. A neighbor told police that he witnessed the attack, and went out to defend the children – bringing along his legally registered pistol as a precaution. But he claimed the animal quickly went after him, forcing him to pull the trigger in self-defense. The dog died soon after being shot. The man later told police that the dog has a history of aggression that’s known throughout the neighborhood. No charges have been filed."

What would YOU say to “no guns for Jews?” "Before you go thinking some neo-Nazi is off on an anti-Semitic rant, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is producing another of its unique and hard-hitting documentaries. That’s the title they gave it.”

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