Saturday, May 22, 2010

Man acquitted in rapper's shooting death -- self defense: "A man who shot and killed an up-and-coming rapper at the Beverly Center last year was acquitted of murder Friday in a case that focused in part on the victim's violence-laced gangsta rap lyrics. Aubrey Berry, 24, was hugged by his defense attorney as the last of the not guilty verdicts was read in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom. Friends and family of rapper Dolla, whose real name was Roderick Anthony Burton II, wailed and sobbed in the audience. Berry testified last week that he opened fire in self-defense in the parking garage of the upscale mall. He said Burton, 21, threatened to kill him near the valet desk and reached toward his back as though he were drawing a gun. Police found no weapon on Burton, who was shot once in the left biceps and three times in the back. Berry testified that Burton had been part of a group of men who kicked and punched him 11 days earlier at an Atlanta nightclub."

Minnesota: Armed Robbber Shot By Store Clerk: "A shooting occurred during an armed robbery attempt in Greenwood overnight. It happened at the Lakeshore Market on Highway 7 shortly after 10:30 pm. Two men wearing masks entered the store and encountered a clerk with a gun. Police chief Brian Litsey says at least one of the robbers was shot and wounded. Both men fled, prompting a search of the surrounding area. One wounded suspect was located with a gun “hunkered down” behind some foliage.

Indiana: Pizza Driver, Would-Be Robbers Exchange Gunfire: "Two would-be robbers and a pizza delivery driver exchanged gunfire early Thursday morning after the men tried to rob the worker, police said. The incident happened at about 12:30 a.m. in the 2000 block of Bosart Avenue. Indianapolis police said a driver for Aunt Polly’s Pizza was met by two men on the front porch who demanded money and food. One of the men fired a shot at the driver, but missed. The driver also had a gun and fired back. Indianapolis police said they don’t think either suspect was struck, but the men haven’t been found. The owner of the pizza shop said that he started having all his drivers carry guns while on deliveries about two years ago. A sign that reads, “Warning, We Don’t Dial 911″ is posted inside the business. The delivery driver had a valid permit to carry the handgun, police said."

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whatever that sign and the drivers packing have been going on for more then 15 yrs.mangers also pack heat