Thursday, May 06, 2010

NJ: Man shoots and kills armed home invader: "Thinking it was her mother the woman opened the door and was face to face with a man pointing a gun at her, Humphrey said. He forced her inside, and asked the 28-year-old woman and her boyfriend, Phillip Jackson, for money. Fearing for their lives, Jackson, 24, struggled for the weapon, Humphrey said. Jackson was able to get the gun, shooting the man several times, Humphrey said.”

MI: Elderly homeowner shoots at home invaders: "One home invasion suspect was shot in the leg and two others were arrested following an incident Friday morning in Lapeer County. The Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home on Castle Road in Deerfield Township shortly after 6 a.m. Friday after the 73-year-old homeowner told police three suspects were in his house. One of the suspects approached the man, who brandished his shotgun, according to the sheriff’s office. The suspects believed the home was unoccupied, and after encountering the homeowner, they fled. One suspect was shot in the leg by the homeowner.”

MO: Guns may be allowed on work property : "Missouri businesses could no longer prevent licensed concealed weapons in their parking lots under a bill passed in the House Thursday. The Business Premises Safety Act would prohibit business owners from restricting any lawfully licensed firearm in vehicles parked in their parking lot. Sedalia Republican representative and bill sponsor Stanley Cox said the law would make things safer. ‘People fully have the right to possess the firearms that we have authorized previously in legislation, we are all safer,’ Cox said.”

Gun shows protesters take aim at the wrong target: "The scourge of violent crime is tearing apart our communities and often strikes in our poorest neighborhoods. Often, it is the children that bear the brunt of the violence and often live in terror because of their neighborhoods are under the control of violent gangs. Each day countless Ohioans in such neighborhoods are victimized due to their lack of access to the best self-defense tool ever devised — the firearm. But, it isn’t just gun laws that are responsible for the success criminals have enjoyed over the last 30 years. Those among us willing to pass laws that empower thugs and murders have also used a vile smear campaign that vilified guns and scared many people aware from the best possible choice to keep them safe.”

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