Monday, May 03, 2010

MI: Store owner shoots robber: "Shortly before the River Park store was set to close for the day at 5 p.m., a man walked in and gathered up several items as if he was shopping, police said. He then brought them to the counter and ordered the store owner to give him all of his money, police said. The suspect had a carpet knife inside his pocket and was pretending it was a handgun. When the owner refused to give up his money, the two began to fight. The suspect went behind the counter and picked up a pair of scissors that are used to remove price tags. The owner struggled to get it away from him, receiving minor cuts in the chest, arm and hand. He then grabbed the gun he kept behind the counter and fired a shot, hitting the suspect in the abdomen. The store owner later went to police headquarters and gave a clear statement of what happened, said Lt. Mike Suth. "He was protecting what was his," said Sgt. Charles Stokes. "You have a right to protect yourself. In this case, he did what he had to do." Suth said the suspect underwent surgery Saturday night and was expected to survive the shooting."

The 2nd Amendment is my concealed carry permit: "While the Obama-led federal government appears indifferent, if not averse, to the Constitution, various state governments across the country are embracing the founding document anew. We’ve seen this via the 10th Amendment movement and the state-led opposition to Obamacare. And recently, Arizona’s Republican Governor Jan Brewer has shown another way back to the Constitution by signing a law which views the 2nd Amendment’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms as a concealed-carry permit within the borders of her state. … Arizona has just passed a law based on the premise Ted Nugent once expressed when he said: ‘The 2nd Amendment is my conceal-carry permit.’”

Burglar has been lucky so far: "An Albuquerque man keeps getting caught after burglarizing houses, yet since he has been found ‘incompetent’ he can’t be imprisoned for long, and since his thefts have so far been non-violent he can’t be committed to a mental facility. There is an obvious, very inexpensive, solution. And, if the man keeps doing what he’s been doing, according to ‘the authorities,’ he will eventually solve the problem himself when he surprises a responsible property owner in a supposedly empty house. The odds are not with him."

Why won’t media, cops say “get a gun?”: "Why is there a thoughtless, mindless, lockstep agreement amongst government officials and mass media to utterly ignore the right of self-defense? This is Texas. Texas has a concealed carry law. Texas has strong self-defense laws that allow people to shoot attackers who attempt unlawful entry into their homes, places of business, and vehicles. It’s the law! So why didn’t the cops advise her to buy a gun and learn how to use it? Why didn’t the Channel 5 Talking Head perform a public service and inform everyone that there is no need to cower in fear in a women’s shelter? The guy broke into her home with a shotgun. That’s the clearest case for shooting in self-defense that there is.”

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