Sunday, May 23, 2010

FL: Man shot as he opens door; shooter also shot: "The friends’ cosy night in turned into a violent ambush when a stranger knocked at the door at 10pm on April 1. “Samantha looked through the security peep hole and said ‘I don’t recognise the person outside’,” said Paul. The trio ignored the caller and continued to watch the movie. He seemed to skulk away but 20 minutes later he returned with a second man and again knocked the door. “Michael, who felt concerned with opening the door at that time of night, loaded his skeet gun and asked his friend to hold it in case it was one of the home invaders that had plagued tenants in the complex,” said Paul. “When Michael opened the door the last thing he said, in true Michael form, was ‘Can I help you?’ “The gunman shot Michael with a high capacity round through his neck. Michael passed away immediately. “Michael’s friend Kyle started shooting and reloading until he ran out of ammunition, severely wounding the assailant. Crossno, 20, of Wooster, Ohio, was taken to Tampa General Hospital in a critical condition. He has since been charged with murder, attempted robbery and home invasion with a firearm."

Tennessee: Man shot, killed stepfather after threats with ax: "A Roan Mountain man shot and killed his stepfather on the back porch of his residence Friday morning after he said his stepfather threatened to break into his house with an ax and cut off his and his wife’s head, according to police. The initial investigation by the Carter County Sheriff’s Department indicated the man was trying to break into the home when he was shot by the homeowner. Upon arrival, the deputies found Gary D. Parker, 46, 305 Sawdust Trail lying on the back porch. He was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head A short time later the Carter County Rescue Squad arrived and the paramedics were unable to find any signs of life. A sheriff’s department news release said the investigation revealed that Parker had been “very confrontational, threatening and belligerent with his neighbors for some time.”

Safer Streets 2010: Second amendment not revenge, but survival: "One example that has put a gulf between gun owners and the non-gun owner electorate is the spiteful and misleading notion that gun owners settle disputes in anger. Anger has nothing to do with armed self-defense and practical adult preparedness. It is all about purposeful response. It isn't about depending on others to do what only you can do, it is about your independence in knowing that you bear a responsibility for doing what only you can do: It isn't about revenge, it is about survival. But as discussions move along, if they move at all, it's still a very good idea to head off future abuses of customers for their political beliefs: just take your business somewhere else. Take your business elsewhere and make it stick. Go where you are wanted and go to those businesses who openly support the civil right which protects all our rights."

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