Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NC: Criminal Fights Off Robbery Attempt after his pants fall down: "Adams had been standing outside in the front yard of his home at 529 N. Ellis Street when he was approached by three masked individuals. Two of the individuals were armed with handguns. The masked individuals began going through the pockets of Adams’ loose fitting pants, which caused the victim’s pants to fall down. Adams fell to the ground to grab his pants, and a concealed handgun that he was carrying fell onto the ground. After seeing that Adams had a gun, the two armed suspects immediately opened fire on Adams. None of the shots made contact with Adams. Adams told police he returned fire as the three suspects fled while exchanging gunfire. The only individuals actually hit by the flying rounds were the three suspects who had been trying to rob Adams. The three suspects are Cowan, 24-year-old Robert Roderquis Crump, and 19-year-old Antonio Rushawn Lee. Cowan is listed in critical condition at Baptist Hospital."

NJ: Woman Home Intruder Shot Dead: "A botched break-in this morning turned into a gunfight that left one would-be robber dead and two more on the run, authorities said. Deputies arrived at Rustic Circle just after 1:30 a.m. to investigate a shooting call, Hamblen County Sheriff Esco Jarnagin said. They found a woman’s body lying in the road at the end of the cul-de-sac. She’d been shot through the throat, the sheriff said. The woman had knocked at the door of Scott and Penny Knight, claiming she had car trouble and asking to use the phone. Scott Knight became suspicious and fetched a .22-caliber pistol, the sheriff said. When he opened the door, at least two armed men tried to force their way inside. “They started shooting, and he started shooting,” the sheriff said. “She was struck, and they fled. We don’t know for sure if one of them was shot.”

South Carolina: Attempted Robbery Ends in Shootout: "Cherokee County deputies are investigating a shootout that happened at Sonny’s Restaurant on Highway 29 just outside of Gaffney. Officials said the gunfire erupted as the three attempted robbery suspects were about to leave the restaurant at about 3 a.m. Saturday morning. The suspects were shot by two employees, who were armed with guns. They were taken to local hospitals. According to a statement released by Dennis Fowler, Cherokee County Coroner, Michael Shaquille Davidson, 16, was taken to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center where he died in the trauma center. Lloyd Ryan Jefferies, 18, was driven to Mary Black Hospital. After being treated, deputies arrested him and booked him into the Cherokee County Detention Center. He is charged with Armed Robbery. The third suspect, Calvin Smith Jr., remains at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. He has been charged as an adult with armed robbery."

Covert attack on the Second: "Obama has apparently taken a step to disarm America, according to a document that has been leaked. The step is strategic and very cunning: begin with the military. The document reveals a proposal to force all military personnel to register all firearms — even privately owned firearms that are kept in their private residences. It would force a regular inventory of all such firearms concurrent with the regular inventories of military weapons. Soldiers maintaining privately owned firearms in their private residences, off base, would be required to keep their weapons in locked containers or with trigger locks, unloaded, and have the ammunition secured separately from the weapon in a locked container.”

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Guav said...

As a commenter at the source of your last item noted:

"This is an Army Base administrative order and appears to be a draft for rewriting existing firearms rules that will apply to soldiers stationed at the base (presumably Fort Bliss) in typical reaction to Flag Officer Investigation results and to answer the question "What are you doing to ensure this does not happen again?"

All US military installations have similar base regs to include Air Force, Navy, and Marines. The administrative order applies to "on-base" activities to ensure personal owned firearms are properly stored and are safe to all around. That includes family housing and off base quarters that are now "privatized". There is no attempt to control who owns what as long as the civilian laws are obeyed by all.

The "On Base" storage rules for private owned forearms parallels that required for normal military weapons in that the weapon and ammunition are stored separately and under security personnel control. The opportunity to store personal owned weapons/firearms is a requirement if you live "on base" and a privilege, based on space availability for those living in off-base quarters. As long as the secure storage facility is open (duty hours) the private owner may access and remove his weapon/firearm whenever he wishes.

I have seen, worked on, and helped write equivalent administrative regulations since 1967 and this is in no way a plot by any of the left wing nuts of the socialist government trying to overthrow the 2nd amendment. Out side of the Army and possibly DOD - I do not think anyone in the rest of the government has anything to do with it. Soldiers (and Airmen, Sailors, Marines) sign up for duty and expect to have to follow all life-safety rules both on and off duty, and on and off base."