Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona: 1 killed, 4 wounded in shootout during robbery: "Police say one man is dead and three others are wounded after they attempted to rob an Arizona store and got into a shootout with the owner and an employee. Police say the shooting happened Tuesday night after the four men entered and tried to hold up the Tucson store M&M Customs, which sells auto alarms and stereos. While the men confronted an employee, the store’s owner brandished a gun and a shootout ensued. At some point, the employee also pulled a gun and fired at the suspected robbers. Police say one of the robbers was killed, another suffered life-threatening injuries, and two others were not seriously wounded. Police say the business owner suffered a non-life-threatening wound."

Pennsylvania: Bulldog shot after mauling boy: "They all said he was a nice dog. But something inside Zeus snapped this morning. The American bulldog who loved dog biscuits and backscratches went berserk and attacked an 11-year-old neighbor as the boy and his friend got ready for school in Port Richmond. Thirteen-year-old Brad Bucher heard his brother screaming and sprinted to help. The scene outside his home on Mercer Street near Tioga seemed straight out of a horror movie: Shane struggled frantically on the sidewalk, Zeus’ teeth sunk into his bloodied neck. Neighbor Bill Reynolds had heard the horror unfolding outside too. The 46-year-old Reynolds grabbed his .357 Magnum, bolted toward the boy and dog and aimed carefully, blasting Zeus twice until the hulking dog loosened his grip on Shane... Shane, a fifth-grader at Bridesburg School, is in stable condition at St. Christopher Hospital for Children after undergoing surgery."

WY: New law pits guns vs. grizzlies in national parks: "The grizzly took Jerry Ruth by surprise, bursting from thick brush and biting his jaw almost completely off. On the ground and barely able to see, Ruth grabbed his .41 Magnum-caliber revolver and started shooting. The third bullet pierced the bear’s heart and spinal cord, killing it from 25 feet. ‘I’m glad I was armed with a firearm and I’m glad I was able to shoot straight,’ said Ruth, attacked last July 19 a couple miles from his home not far from Yellowstone National Park. Ruth’s gun quite possibly saved his life. It also provided fodder for a long-standing debate about whether a gun or bear spray is better in fending off a grizzly attack.”

Keeping guns from terrorists?: "Friday, the NRA-ILA ran a story about the latest U.S. Senate hearing for S.1317 and H.R.2159, which would ‘prohibit the possession of firearms by people on the FBI’s ‘terrorist watchlist.’ Many people might wonder why anyone would be opposed to keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists, but that’s not really what the issue is here. The FBI claims the only people on the list are those ‘known or reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorist activity.’ The FBI website about the watch list admits that U.S. citizens are on the list and also states that it ‘cannot reveal whether a particular person is in the [list].’”

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