Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pennsylvania: Man shot in shoulder as he robs Allentown gas station: "A Center Valley man held up the Valero gas station in Allentown this morning, but fled in his station wagon as “someone involved with the gas station” shot him in the shoulder, police said. Robert Leroy Landis, 40, drove off from the 917 N. Fourth St. station at about 10:30, and his windshield was shattered as bullets flew, according to police radio reports. A half hour later, police captured him in the woods along the Lehigh River after he ditched the car on S. Armour Street, police Capt. Stephen Mould said. Mould said police were not yet revealing who shot Landis, except to say “someone involved with the gas station” fired a handgun, and more than two people were inside the station when Landis arrived. No one other than Landis was hurt."

GA: Robber shot by stepfather: "Antonio Searcy, 23, of Warner Robins, died at The Medical Center of Central Georgia on April 1 after he was shot by the stepfather of the man he was attempting to rob outside a home in the 200 block of Sewell Circle, police said. According to police, Searcy was attempting to rob Andrew Grane, 27, in his front yard. Anthony Bell, 43, saw the men struggling, retrieved a gun from the home and shot Searcy once in the head. No charges were filed"

IN: Store owner shoots robber: "On Saturday, a man posing as a customer attacked Masters in the back of the narrow store with a pair of scissors, part of a failed robbery attempt. Masters shot the man, but not before suffering a number of minor injuries, including a shallow stab wound to the chest. The suspect, identified as 52-year-old Tommie Bowling of South Bend, remained hospitalized Monday. He is expected to survive. Having served in the U.S. Army in the 1960s, including as a member of the Military Police, Masters said he knew how to respond in such a situation. Masters said he backed off and offered to hand over the cash, located in the cash drawer behind the counter. However, instead of handing the cash to Bowling, he took the drawer and shoved it into Bowling's chest, causing him to stumble backward. As Bowling recovered, Masters said he reached for his gun, a .44 caliber pistol located behind where the cash drawer had been. Masters said he raised the gun and fired from the hip, striking Bowling in the stomach."

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