Monday, May 31, 2010

Firearms Freedom

Firearms Freedom Act status

From Ammoland:
Alaska became the 8th state to enact a Firearms Freedom Act, the 7th enacted clone of Montana’s original bill, when Alaska Governor Sean Parnell signed HB 186, sponsored by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Fairbanks) today.

In a prepared statement, Rep. Kelly said: “The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act frees Alaskans from overly-bureaucratic and restrictive federal firearm regulation, and allows our state to assume the responsibility for regulation.”

“The Interstate Commerce Clause is used by the federal government to regulate firearms that cross state borders. The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act makes it clear that Alaskans will be responsible for firearms that are made in Alaska, for use in Alaska, and have ‘Made in Alaska’ stamped on them.”
A Motion to Dismiss is pending in federal court in Missoula, Montana. The Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to stop the trend. Heh.

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