Tuesday, July 06, 2010

As America eases up on gun restrictions, Australia gets crazier

The following is from my brother's site in our home State of Queensland. Enough polite but disapproving emails from overseas might just freak the government concerned a bit -- JR

The Queensland Government is planning to introduce further restrictions on law-abiding shooters. No section of the shooting fraternity is safe. You must stand up for your Rights – Today! Below are the planned restrictions:

1. Participation requirements for Category C shotguns

Why? No one knows. But we presume to make it more difficult for licensees to keep their licenses and guns.

2. The fitting of trigger locks to guns already kept in gun safes

Why? No one knows, but we hope the criminals with their unregistered and illegal guns use a trigger lock.

3. Introduction of a Hierarchy of Storage Controls

Why? So the Government can easily prosecute people whom, through no fault of their own, have had their firearms stolen.

4. Registration of deactivated category A & B, and Antique and Historical Firearms

Why? No one knows.

5. Registration of replica handguns

Why? No one knows. Better get rid of those nasty water pistols and cap guns.

6. Enlargement of the discretionary powers of the Authorised Officer

Why? No one knows.

7. Criminalise the possession of magazines for firearms you don’t own

Why? No one knows.

8. Licensing cost increases – unreasonably high

Why? Revenue raising.

What to do next, Click on the FAQ button above (on the main menu) thoroughly read the information then politely but firmly e-mail the Government using the link provided at the end of the FAQ page.

More here

TX: Carjacker rapist shot at by woman's brother: "The women, who are in their mid-20s, were at the drive-thru at 2:30 a.m. when the suspect jumped into their Mustang convertible and held them at gunpoint. The suspect forced the women to drive around for several hours, during which time he sexually assaulted them, Garza said. But the suspect was instead tricked by one of the women into going to an apartment complex in northwest Houston where her brother lived, Garza said. There, she was able to call her brother on a cell phone and told him what was happening, Garza said.... the brother fired at the suspect but didn’t hit him, and the suspect then took off in the victims’ car." The suspect lead Harris County Sheriff’s Department deputies on a high speed chase that ended when he crashed the vehicle into parked cars at a body shop in northeast Houston. The suspect, who was last reported in critical condition, will be charged with evading arrest but could face additional charges, Garza said."

Oklahoma Home Invader Shot By Victim: "A home invasion suspect is in custody after being shot by the homeowner during a robbery. Police said Melvin Dan [above] forced his way in to an apartment around 5:30 a.m. Monday at the Wellsford Oaks near 15th and Riverside. According to the arrest report Dan put a gun to the face of the homeowners and forced them into a bathroom. One of the homeowners had a gun of his own and shot the suspect through the bathroom door."

MI: Homeowner Kills Armed Intruder: "An Inkster homeowner fatally shot a man who police said broke into his home overnight Sunday. The homeowner, who does not want his identity revealed, told police that he was woken up by the men, and one of the robbers was armed. The homeowner, who is in his 30s, struggled with the gunman and shots were fired, police said. The homeowner returned fire, fatally shooting the robber, police said. The robber died on the homeowner's driveway. Police said the man was identified as a 32-year-old from Detroit. The other robber escaped, police said. The homeowner's gun was registered and he had a Carrying Concealed Weapon permit. Police said they do not expect charges to be filed against the homeowner because he was protecting himself inside of his own home."

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Stick said...

Re: Your post on possible Qld gun laws. I passed on the link to our Pistol club President(our indoor range is in the same building as the National HQ of the SSAA), who has passed it on to the Shooters Party (NSW) MP's. Maybe they can get something happening.