Sunday, July 04, 2010

OH: Murder charges dropped in bar shootout: "Franklin county prosecutors have dismissed murder charges against two defendants in the death of a man during a shootout Nov. 6 in a Near East Side bar. In exchange for the dismissals, Cortez L. Montgomery and Dwayne A. Stewart, both 26, pleaded guilty to weapons charges related to the encounter with Marcus L. Davis, 31, who was shot several times at the D#1 Happy Family Bar. After the men were indicted, police obtained surveillance video that showed Davis pointing a handgun at one of the defendants before Montgomery or Stewart displayed handguns, Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said."

CA: Court's gun rights decision may help woman who used illegal gun in self defense: "A gun control ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this week has triggered a sentencing controversy in a high-profile Colusa County murder case. Sentencing for the frequently delayed case of Cathy I. Mendoza, who was acquitted of murder in April but found guilty of using an illegal sawed-off shotgun, was postponed again Wednesday. Mendoza’s attorney, Albert Smith, raised the issue of whether or not the ban on sawed-off shotguns is constitutional based on the Supreme Court decision, authorities said. On Aug. 30, Mendoza, 31, shot and killed Jose V. Saavedra, who, along with two other men, were reportedly climbing over the fence where Mendoza was living at the time. Saavedra and others had been involved in a bar fight with Mendoza’s then-boyfriend less than an hour before the shooting. Mendoza testified during the April trial that she believed she was about to be attacked when she fired the weapon"

IL: Daley trots out new victim disarmament measures after SCOTUS ruling: "The mayor of Chicago struck back Thursday at a Supreme Court ruling severely limiting gun control measures with a tough new ordinance that prohibits people from taking handguns outside their homes. Mayor Richard Daley noted that previous court rulings applied only to a citizen’s right to keep a gun in their home for self-defense and found that some restrictions were constitutional.”

Owning and carrying guns — a right that is still right for today: "This morning a panelist on a Fox news discussion said ‘Just because some old men in knickers 200 years ago said we could bear arms doesn’t mean it’s right for today.’ And just because someone a few hundred years ago said gravity causes things to fall to the ground doesn’t mean things still fall. But they do. An observation of a pre-existing condition doesn’t cause the condition. Nor does a denial of the condition invalidate it in any way.”

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I refuse to watch or read anything Fox has to report on! Everything the report or write is always over hyped just to get people to watch or click on stories!