Wednesday, September 01, 2010

AR: Pharmacist Says He Shot Suspect In Self-Defense: "Fenwick says he feared not only for his life but for the employees he cares about. "He told us he was just here to check the store out and this is him here pulling the gun out of his pocket," Fenwick said pointing to his computer monitor. "He's going to wave it at Michelle, Trey and Judy right here and tells them to go to the back." Police say the man in the video is 50-year-old Timothy Friedman--a parolee from Minnesota who now faces charges in LeFlore and Latimer counties in Oklahoma. The suspect demands narcotics from the employees. Owner Jeff Fenwick is in the back on the phone when an employee comes back to tell him what is going on. The man heads for the door and Fenwick draws his gun. "As soon as he slowed down and made a turn…I don't know what he saw," Fenwick questioned. "I thought, 'I got to take care of myself and the people that work here at National Pharmacy'. So I shot him."

PA: Armed Businessman Fires at Would-Be Robbers: "Joel Salame, 30, and Dionicio Torres, 24, were arrested after allegedly fleeing Abreu’s notary shop Monday. Though Salame and Torres are only charged with one robbery, police expect to charge the two men with at least eight robberies. Abreu was tipped off that the men were surveying his business in order to rob it when they walked in Friday wearing glasses with no lenses, wigs and matching uniforms, he told the Reading Eagle. On Monday the two men came back to the shop. One stayed outside while the other entered the store through two unlocked doors and pointed a handgun at Abreu. Abreu fired his .38-caliber revolver at the man but missed, shooting the wall. Witnesses pointed to where the men ran and police arrested Salame and Torres soon after."

CA: Senate rejects open-carry gun ban: "The California Senate rejected a bill Monday that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public, but lawmakers will give the vote one more try. Monday’s 20-16 vote fell one short of the majority needed, but the Senate will reconsider the measure Tuesday. The bill, AB1934, was introduced after a series of demonstrations by gun-rights organizations during which they encouraged participants to openly carry unloaded weapons. California law lets gun owners carry a rifle or handgun in a holster if it is not loaded.”

War against ammunition heats up: "The movement against lead in ammunition has progressed much farther in Europe than here. For one thing, the culture prevalent in Europe (Switzerland being a notable exception) considers firearms ownership a privilege rather than a right; subject to easy and frequent government control. The environmental and animal rights movement is also well-entrenched throughout Europe and within the European Union bureaucracy.”

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