Sunday, September 05, 2010

TX: Hispanic thugs shot at and arrested: "Three men have been arrested in connection with a northeast El Paso shooting. Police say these three, along with a man who has not been identified were threatening people at a restaurant on Dyer. That's when one of the men they allegedly threatened pulled a gun and shot the unidentified man in the face. The shooter has not been arrested, police won't say if that's because he acted in self defense. No word on the man's condition."

Gun Review: Mosin-Nagant: "With our editor’s continued blessing, I’ll be presenting reviews and profiles of exceptionally affordable yet dependable firearms. Aesthetically-challenged guns that will never command a collector’s premium. Guns that were often made by the tens of millions, in countries that either no longer exist or whose names cannot be pronounced by Western tongues. Guns that attract sneers and looking-down-the-nose condescension from the bespoke shotgun crowd at your shooting range. Guns, in other words, for Cheap Bastards. Or, in this case, paranoid cheap bastards.”

Chicago’s restrictive gun laws rarely enforced: "Mayor Richard M. Daley has long insisted that the city’s restrictive gun laws — including the handgun ban that was essentially nullified recently by the United States Supreme Court — have been a key crime-fighting tool. But court records show that relatively few people were convicted of violating the laws, and even top city officials have questioned how useful they are in deterring crime.”

TX: Rangers to investigate whether man shot deputy in self-defense: "Saturday night, Bandera County sheriff deputies shot and killed 57-year-old William Caviness in his home just moments after he shot at one of their fellow deputies. The deputy’s bullet-proof vest saved his life. Texas Rangers will have to figure out whether these deputies identified themselves when they went to Caviness’ home to serve a search warrant. His wife, who was inside the home at the time, said the deputies did not. ‘Let it be known that my husband was defending our home against what we thought were intruders, and that’s the truth,’ said Pamela Caviness, William Caviness’ widow.”

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