Thursday, September 16, 2010

TX: Man, 91, Claims Self-Defense in Fatal Shooting: "A 91-year-old man is claiming self-defense after he shot and killed a man inside his home, officials said. The shooting happened just before midnight Tuesday at a home on Antha near Bertwood in North Houston. ... "He's a local crackhead. I'll call it like it is," Hands' family friend Cynthia Jackson said. Hands, who has a neighborhood reputation for being generous, helped the man many times by giving him food and money. .... When Hands hid not hand over the cash, he said the man picked up a loaded gun in the home and threatened to use it. "You're going to die tonight. You're going to die tonight," Hands recalled the man saying. Hands told police he had another gun stashed under the couch he was sitting on. "I took the gun out. Boom, and I tore his head all out to pieces," said Hands. Hands considers himself a good shot and he practices at the gun range."

La.: Man flees gun-toting wife: "An East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s deputy [above] was arrested Tuesday after allegedly handcuffing his wife to the headboard of a bed inside the couple’s home during an argument, a Baton Rouge police spokesman said. Brison Gremillion, 30, told authorities he handcuffed his 33-year-old wife to the headboard because she was being overly aggressive, Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said. Gremillion kept her handcuffed to the headboard for 30 to 45 minutes, McKneely said.... Once inside, the woman told authorities, she grabbed a handgun and pointed it at Gremillion in self-defense, McKneely said. The woman said Gremillion fled, McKneely added. Gremillion told authorities his wife pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, but that the gun didn’t fire, McKneely said. Gremillion, 2144 Hiawatha St., was booked into Parish Prison on one count each of false imprisonment and domestic abuse battery."

NY: Brooklyn Man Shoots Home Invader: "Two brazen burglars in Brooklyn apparently picked the wrong house to break into – on the other side of the door, they found a retired schoolteacher with a licensed, and loaded, gun. Police say it was just before 2 a.m. Wednesday when Goldstein and his wife heard a noise downstairs in the home on 64th Street. The 62-year-old confronted two suspects in his kitchen after they apparently slipped in through a basement window. The suspect who was shot, police say, had a starter’s pistol in his hand. He was shot three times as his accomplice fled, reports CBS 2′s Magee Hickey. Goldstein was eventually brought to the 63rd Precinct stationhouse for questioning, but was released without being charged with any crime."

TX: Senior fires gun to scare off attacker: "A Kerr County man has been arrested in connection with an attack on a senior citizen that investigators said was prompted by his desire for prescription drugs. Capt. Scott Prout, with the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were called to the home in the 300 block of Westway Drive around 8 p.m. Sunday for a report of an assault with shots fired. Prout said the 79-year-old victim told deputies Curtis had hit him in the face after he refused to share his pain pills …. when Curtis returned to his home, Close pulled out a handgun and fired one shot, missing him on purpose. ‘I just wanted to scare him. I didn’t want to wound him,’ Close said. … Sheriff’s investigators agreed that Close fired in self-defense.”

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