Thursday, September 23, 2010

NC: Would-be robber held: "A Pinnacle man, shot by a customer during the attempted robbery Tuesday night of a convenience store on U.S. 52 near Mount Airy, has been charged with armed robbery and other offenses, the Surry County Sheriff’s office said. Anthony Eric Hill, 26, also was charged with misdemeanor assault by pointing a gun and felony possession of firearm by a felon, Surry County Sheriff Graham Atkinson said. Hill is accused of pointing a handgun at a clerk at the Neighbors Fuel Center shortly before 9 p.m. and pulling the trigger, Atkinson said. When the gun didn’t fire, the customer fired three times at Hill."

PA: Man Shoots home invader: "A man suspected of breaking into an Aliquippa residence early Wednesday morning was shot by the homeowner, police said. Police said the incident started as an attempted robbery. Three men knocked on a door to a Wade Street home at 2 a.m. and when a 24-year-old girl answered, they pushed their way inside, police said. The girl’s brother heard the noise, grabbed his gun and started down the stairs, police said. Police said one of the suspects fired a shot up the stairs, so the brother returned fire, hitting Jason Lee Hall three times. Police said Hall fled in car and drove eight blocks to a Circle K store, where an employee called for help. Police said they pulled over another car that was speeding past, which resulted in the apprehension of a second suspect, Robert Jefferson, 21, of Penn Hills."

Supreme Court of Georgia reverses a conviction: "Following a jury trial, Steven Anthony Donald appeals his convictions for felony murder and possession of a firearm .... on the evening of October 21, 1998, the victim, John Mullinax, came to the trailer home that Donald shared with his fiancé, who was the victim's sister. Once there, Mullinax started arguing with Donald regarding an unpaid debt while standing outside of the trailer Donald and his fiancé inhabited. At one point, Mullinax followed Donald into the trailer, and, after Donald's fiancé told Mullinax that she did not wish to speak to him, Donald retrieved a gun and ordered Mullinax to leave. Mullinax did not do so, and Donald opened fire. Donald ultimately shot Mullinax four times, killing him." ... At trial, self-defense was Donald's sole basis for fighting the charges against him. He testified that he was afraid of Mullinax based on prior encounters, that Mullinax was enraged and intoxicated"

KS: Initiative would reaffirm Right to Bear Arms: "On a recent morning, Patricia Stoneking aimed her Glock model 23, .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun at a paper target inside the Bullet Hole shooting range in Overland Park, Kansas. … To Stoneking, who runs the Bullet Hole, owning firearms is not just a right but an obligation. ‘People need to arm themselves,’ she told a reporter, and not just for protection against criminals. Stoneking, who also heads the Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA), believes Americans must bear arms for protections against the government. … Stoneking and the KSRA are now supporting a ballot initiative that would give state residents a perpetual right to bear arms in the Kansas Constitution.”

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