Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicago home invaders shot. One dies: "On Monday, Martinelli and Obrachta allegedly went to the home on Huron and were yelling and pounding on the door to be let in. After the elderly man opened the door, Martinelli wrapped his arm around the man's neck as Obrachta dosed his eyes with pepper spray while Martinelli began hitting the man in the stomach, Conklin said. As he was being pummeled, the man reached into a pocket of a coat hanging in the vestibule of the home and pulled out a gun, Conklin said. After shooting the men one time each, the men fled out of the building, Conklin said. The men tried to flag down motorists and then collapsed on the street, Conklin said. After police and paramedics arrived, the men were taken to Stroger Hospital where Martinelli was pronounced dead at 11:23 p.m. Monday."

OH: Man acquitted in '08 shooting. Unwelcome visitor died in apartment: "Adel Zayat pulled a handgun from beneath his mattress when an estranged friend pounded on the door of his North Side apartment two years ago. He said he opened the door and pointed the gun at Conde to make him leave, but Conde pulled him from the apartment and began punching him. He fired the gun as Conde tried to toss him over the balcony's railing, he said. The men, both natives of western Africa, had met only a few weeks before the shooting. Zayat testified that Conde took his car without permission two days before the shooting and shattered the windshield a day later when Zayat took the car back and told Conde to stay away from him. Defense attorney Joseph Landusky said Zayat was a meek, law-abiding, honor student who lawfully purchased a gun for protection after being the victim in a series of crimes."

Texans debate allowing concealed weapons on campus: "Texas already lets lawmakers bring guns into the Capitol. And the governor sometimes jogs with a loaded pistol. But should people be allowed to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses? Gun advocates argue that doing so could help put a quick end to threats like the one posed by a University of Texas student who fired several rounds from an assault rifle Tuesday before killing himself. Under current law, college buildings in Texas are gun-free zones. "There are already guns on campus. All too often they are illegal," Republican Gov. Rick Perry said. "I want there to be legal guns on campus. I think it makes sense — and all of the data supports — that if law abiding, well-trained, backgrounded individuals have a weapon, then there will be less crime."

Pennsylvania Self Defense Rights Are On The Line: "For nearly 6 years we have ‘all’ been working to improve the use of force laws (known as Castle Doctrine) here in Pennsylvania so that gun owners would feel that they would be treated fairly ‘if’ they have to use force to defend their families with lethal force. Unfortunately we have been frustrated by the idiosyncrasies of Pennsylvania politics. Again, we want ‘nothing more’ than what other states have: reasonable legislation that will provide important protections for ‘law-abiding’ citizens who must use protective force when confronting criminals. Sadly, this legislation has been held hostage by a shrill minority in the legislature consisting of the Philadelphia Legislative caucus and certain agencies."

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