Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Maybe the NRA’s right to be paranoid

I did not believe the National Rifle Association and all its Second Amendment hype until now.

My daughter gave her daddy a gun for his birthday. As a law-abiding citizen he went to transfer ownership. Ten days later a letter arrived from the Department of Justice — transfer denied, stated my husband is a felon and he can’t have fire arms. Shock: He knew he was not a felon, had bought and registered guns for years, and now that department states that he is a felon since 1972 and can’t have any guns.

My husband called the Department of Justice. No, they could not tell him what his crime was or anything about it. They could only talk to him about it if he brought up what the crime was first. As he did not know what his crime was, he could not tell them and they refused to give him any information. Their answer was he would have to go to the police department and pay to have a Live Scan or copy of his record done. He did that. Three week later, still no answers.

He started calling the Department of Justice over and over. No, they did not have the Live Scan request. No, they did not know what the problem was. No, they still could not give him information about the alleged crime. Over and over, still no answers, and sorry we now have lost your file. I will have to give my husband credit: He did not yell, swear or threaten these jerks that we are paying to so-called protect us from registered gun owners.

One month later panic is about to set in, as hunting season is getting close. Another interesting piece of information: He bought his hunting license and deer tag before he tried to transfer that gift from our daughter. No problem, it was issued without the slightest objection.

One more final phone call to the Department of Justice stating we were going to hire an attorney. So, interesting, they now said, “Oh sorry. Someone made a mistake. You are not a felon. No we have not sent you a copy of your record (that we paid for). No, we won’t send you a letter saying you’re not a felon but we have flagged your file and you should not have any further problems.”

What is going on when a government agency can write a letter stating, “You are a felon, you may not have guns, no we won’t tell you what you did, but you’re guilty until you prove different?” Then, when we did not back off, “Gee, sorry. Guess you are not a felon, but we won’t put it in writing.”

Now I am scared. The NRA may be right. We have heard from several hunter friends they have had the same experience. Either the Department of Justice is a total joke or the government is building a database so they know where to go and pick up private citizens’ guns.

My husband is a Native American. His family has already had to endure being destroyed by our government once. My family came to this country in 1641. They have fought in every war and conflict our government has asked them to fight in. We believe in our flag, our freedom, and we fought and spilled blood to keep our rights intact.

I believe our government is supposed to be “we the people.” “We the people” are supposed to be running things, not the government. So pay attention, vote and force the government to be the servant of “we the people.”


TX: Authorities say man shot, killed in self-defense: "A Pansey man shot and killed his son-in-law in self-defense early Sunday after an ongoing domestic dispute, according to Houston County Sheriff’s authorities. … A statement from Houston County Sheriff’s Capt. Antonio Gonzalez said a preliminary investigation showed Hobbs killed Ingram when he came onto Hobbs’ property and advanced toward Hobbs with a knife after being told to leave.”

MO: Police cite evidence of self-defense in homicide: "A 21-year-old man was shot and killed in an eastern Columbia apartment on Monday morning, but police said there is evidence the shooting happened in self-defense. The 22-year-old female resident of the apartment also suffered a gunshot wound to the lower leg during the episode. Police identified the deceased as Crestful J. Williams... he is the former boyfriend of the woman who lives in the apartment. He instigated the incident, she said Monday afternoon. “The (victim) went in brandishing a gun. From the information investigators got at the scene, he was shot in self-defense,” Haden said."

AR: Man shot Police Officer in Self-Defense: "Fox 16 in Little Rock is reporting there will be no charges in the July, 2010 Diamondhead shooting, when a police officer was wounded. The Garland County prosecuting attorney’s office says charges will not be filed against homeowner Jerry Chambliss, who says an off-duty police officer attempted to run him over with a car and shot at him. More importantly, no charges will be filed against police officer Fred Ensminger, according to Prosecuting Attorney Steve Oliver. Even though strong evidence exists officer Ensminger used excessive force (at the worst running over Chambliss and then shooting at him as he retreated to his garage), the prosecuting attorney has decided not to bring charges."

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