Monday, September 20, 2010

TX: Homeowner shoots man who breaks in after car towed: "A homeowner shot a man who Houston police said was breaking into his house because a car was towed. Houston police said a man parked in front of a driveway to a home on Fargo Street near Stanford Street before going to a club. … ‘I don’t mind them parking here, just don’t block the driveway,’ Johnson said. Johnson had the car towed, police said. At about 3 a.m. Friday, the man returned to the place he had parked his car and discovered it was gone. Investigators said the man broke into the house to confront Johnson. ‘The whole front of my house is all busted open,’ homeowner Frank Johnson said. ‘The door’s all smashed in. What am I supposed to do?’ Johnson shot the man.”

Covington .... ............................ Howes

KY: Road rager killed: "Around 2:30 Thursday morning, 23-year-old Daniel Covington, a former U of L Football player was shot and killed at 2nd and Liberty Streets. WAVE 3 Sources said Isaiah Howes, a former U of L baseball player, was the shooter. LMPD officers have told WAVE 3, they do not expect to charge the shooter. Under Kentucky law, officers say the shooters' use of deadly force against Covington appears justified. The day of the shooting, September 16th, Lt. Barry Wilkerson said Covington stepped out of his car, reached into another car. Wilkerson said Covington assaulted the people inside that car. He said something may have been said to Covington, which prompted him to approach a car, which he believed was involved."

Another triumph for gun control: "A toddler was among four people killed when a woman armed with a shotgun went on a rampage before being shot dead by police in Germany. "Towards 1600 GMT, firefighters were called out to an explosion followed by a fire in an apartment situated in a street near the hospital,'' Eugen Wissler, a spokesman for the Loerrach police told AFP. "As they arrived, they heard gunfire coming from the building. They then saw an armed woman come out and cross the road heading towards the hospital, he added. Once inside, the woman was confronted by the police and opened fire on them with a shotgun. After firing several warning shots, police finally shot her dead, he said. The other person who died in the hospital was a member of staff there." [Germany has very strict gun control laws]

MA: Man challenges constitutionality of gun permit revocation: "Citing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, a Shrewsbury man is challenging the constitutionality of a state law under which his license to carry a firearm was revoked five years ago …. Lawyer Mel L. Greenberg, who represents Raymond J. Holden, filed an amended petition in Central District Court Sept. 10 appealing Chief Gemme’s 2005 revocation of Mr. Holden’s firearm’s license based on a determination that Mr. Holden was not a ’suitable person’ to carry a gun. In a memorandum of law accompanying his amended petition, Mr. Greenberg said the term ’suitable person,’ as it appears in the law, is unconstitutionally vague given the Supreme Court’s June 28 ruling in the case of McDonald v. Chicago.”

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