Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WV: Alleged intruder shot by victim: "A Huntington man died late Sunday night, apparently shot and killed by a resident of the Lavalette home who caught him and an accomplice in the act of burglarizing it. Criminal complaints charge the masked intruders entered the house with a .38 caliber handgun, duct tape, zip ties and rope. They already had bagged several items to steal, but Wayne County Sheriff Greg Farley said they remained at the house determined to find and steal an $8,000 insurance settlement stemming from the recent theft of a vehicle. Criminal complaints charge one of the intruders, Jason Matthew Hall, 28, popped up from behind a counter wearing a blue ski mask as the male resident, Casey Bartram, entered the house. The two men faced off with separate handguns -- Hall holding a .38 caliber and Bartram with a 9 mm. Bartram was ordered to the ground and then both men, still armed, entangled themselves in an altercation. Bartram then fired one shot, striking Hall just above the left eye.... investigators found no wrongdoing on the part of Bartram."

VA: Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Alleged Robber: "Investigators in Hanover County say it appears that a robber targeted the wrong pizza delivery driver. Just before 11:00pm Sunday night, police say a man in a mask pulled what appeared to be a shotgun on a pizza delivery man who had just finished delivering people in a neighborhood on Possum Trail. That's when police say the pizza man pulled his own gun. Brandon Floyd, 26, is recovering from his injuries at VCU Medical Center and he'll be arrested when he's released. Three other suspects, all from Mechanicsville, are also in police custody. Police are telling CBS 6 that the delivery driver is a concealed weapons permit holder, and police say the investigation is ongoing."

Can companies require employees to disarm on “company business?”: "What is with these control freak martinets who think a paycheck gives them authority to dictate the life choices and freedoms their employees may exercise? ‘Company business’ my … oot. It’s none of the company’s damn business. It’s past time we as citizens adopted zero tolerance policies of our own, for any who would infringe on our unalienable rights.”

GA: Woman fired for having gun in car while at work: "A metro Atlanta woman is asking a judge to strike down a Gwinnett County company’s gun policy. Jamie Lunsford said the company violated her rights by firing her after they discovered she had a gun in her car while on business. Lunsford said the company violated her right to carry a permitted, concealed weapon in her car. … Lunsford said it was during a trip to the Federal Reserve Bank on business that she disclosed to security guards she had the weapon in her car. She said they had no problem with it, but when she returned to work, she was suspended, then fired, she said. Her attorney said that should have never happened under Georgia law, which allows employees to securely keep permitted weapons in their cars.”

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