Friday, December 24, 2010

CA: Off-duty officer shoots robbery suspect: "An off-duty San Diego police officer shot and injured a robbery suspect Wednesday night outside the officer's residence in the Nestor area of south San Diego, police said. The suspect was shot once in the buttocks, and his wound was not considered life-threatening, said police Capt. Jim Collins. The officer heard noises outside his condominium on Avenida Del Mexico, just off Saturn Boulevard, about 9:35 p.m., said police homicide Lt. Kevin Rooney. When he looked outside, he saw two men carrying his motorcycle to the back of a minivan. The officer armed himself and ran outside. The offficer, who was not in uniform, confronted one of the men and identified himself as a police officer. He ordered the man, identified by police as Eduardo Gonzalez, 28, to get on the ground... Gonzalez then hit the officer and turned and placed both hands inside the middle of his jacket. The officer believed Gonzalez was arming himself and fired the shot."

Attempt to rob off-duty cop in Milwaukee fails badly: "Milwaukee police said an off-duty officer was the target of an armed robbery at 102nd Street and Fond Du Lac Avenue in Milwaukee Thursday afternoon. Assistant Chief James Harpole told the media late Thursday afternoon that two men approached the officer and one of the men pulled out a knife. The 42-year-old officer, a nine-year veteran of the force, pulled out a gun and shot the man with the knife, police said. The other robber surrendered. The man who was shot is at an area hospital and suffered non-life-threatening injuries."

AZ Legislator wants end to campus gun bans: "Saying everyone but criminals will be safer, a veteran legislator wants to let qualified faculty carry guns on university and community college campuses. Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, said Wednesday that there have been instances of someone with a grudge coming onto a campus, going into a classroom and starting to shoot. He said the current prohibition against weapons on campus - one that the criminal has ignored - leaves the teacher and student defenseless. But Harper isn't stopping with arming the faculty. He is crafting a separate measure to allow students with certain training to also arm themselves."

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