Tuesday, December 07, 2010

WA: Woman shoots 2 intruders, foils home invasion: "Two Renton men alleged to have been shot by a woman during a failed drug robbery have been charged with assault. King County prosecutors contend that Maurice H. Pollock and Brandon K. Wolfe were both wounded in a midday gunfight that broke out as they attempted to force their way into a woman's apartment while posing as police. The woman told police she was in her apartment with her boyfriend and children when someone approached her door and yelled, "Police!" Her boyfriend cracked the door, allowing Pollock and Wolfe to force their way into the home. Concerned Pollock was about to kill her boyfriend, the woman drew a pistol from her backpack and opened fire on Pollock and Wolfe, who was also armed, a Renton police detective told the court. Having fired the gun dry, she retrieved a second pistol and continued shooting at the men until they ran from the home."

OH: Robbers shot; one killed: "Odomie A. Wellington, 31, whose address was listed as the Westchester Executive Apartments, 4884 Westchester Drive, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds around 7 p.m. Saturday. He was in the driver’s seat of a white Cadillac parked outside the apartment complex. His passenger, 21-year-old Alekum N. McLendon, of Youngstown, was shot in the lower back and taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center. Police said Wellington and another man went into a Parkman Road Northwest home and began shooting in what officials said was a robbery of the baby’s father, who also was wounded in the home invasion."

Armed and female: "I remember one of my first female students. She was in her sixties, an accomplished academician and author with strong roots in what was then called ‘women’s liberation.’ She had considered the gun to be a hideous side effect of testosterone poisoning. Then, she was assaulted by armed criminals and nearly died. ‘It occurred to me,’ she told me later, ‘that I had neglected one element of my empowerment.’”

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