Friday, December 31, 2010

OR: Man shot and killed stepson in self defense: "The Lane County district attorney says a 62-year-old man acted in self defense when he fatally shot his stepson at the family's Lowell, Ore., home. District Attorney Alex Gardner said Thursday that an inebriated Shawn Gamble picked a fight with his stepfather Jimmie Allen Montgomery on Monday and assaulted him near a shed on the property. Montgomery retreated to the main house and the 36-year-old Gamble followed. The older man grabbed a small-caliber handgun near his bed and warned that he would fire if Gamble kept coming. Other family members prevented Gamble from grabbing a gun but he still resumed his attack on Montgomery and the older man fired multiple shots."

TX: Cigar store clerk scares away armed robbers: "A cigar store in Waco, Texas was held up by two bandits, who made off with cash, though it has been speculated that they probably won’t return to the store, especially after one of the shop’s clerks had scared them away. The robbery occurred at approximately 12:40am Wednesday, at the Fiesta Smoke Shop, when two masked armed robbers stormed into the establishment, confronted two of its clerks, and demanded money. As soon as he got the opportunity, Tayeh grabbed his gun and opened fire at the robbers.... the bandits headed toward the exit after they were done. That was when Tayeh went to go grab a revolver that was concealed behind the counter. Soon enough, he began shooting at the two fleeing armed robbers with it, and a shootout ensues, with the shots being fired at close range. At least one of the bandits may have been shot, according to Tayeh. Thankfully, neither Tayeh nor his partner was harmed."

NC: Homeowner isn’t charged in shooting: "But on Dec. 10, Dellerman said, he had no choice. He walked down the stairs, holding his handgun in front of him. In his living room, curtains drawn to save heat, he saw three tall men. 'And then I heard something like 'Get him!' and they started coming at me,' he said.Dellerman fired. Five bullet holes were later found in his floor, window and armoire, he said. He hit all three of the men, he would later learn."

MD: A retired police officer reportedly shot a robbery suspect: "The Baltimore City Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred in the 5200 block of Park Heights Avenue on Wednesday night and involved a retired police officer. Detective Kevin Brown says a suspect attempted to rob a carry-out restaurant with gun and was subsequently shot by an unidentified retired police officer."

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