Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Va.: Gas Station Clerk Fires Gun at Robbery Suspects: "The clerk said he was just finishing up a shift at the gas station and was sitting in his car warming it up. He said two men approached him and used a taser to stun him. Because he was wearing a thick coat, the stun gun didn't do much good. The clerk said he had to act quickly to protect himself. He pulled the gun he was wearing on his waist. He fired two shots and he believes one of the attackers was hit. Both men ran away."

CA: Would-be robber shot with own gun: "A gunman attempting to rob a patron in a store parking lot Sunday evening was shot by his own .44 Magnum revolver during a struggle, police said. Officers followed a trail of blood about 11/2 blocks from the store but were unable to find the man, said police Lt. Chuck Flesher. More than two hours after the shooting no one had shown up at a hospital for treatment, he said. The attempted robbery took place about 5:30 p.m. outside a market in the 2000 block of South El Dorado Street. The patron wrestled the gun away from the man and it went off, apparently striking him in the torso, Flesher said. Flesher said the would-be robber might have been picked up by someone where the trail of blood ended."

IA: The NRA opposes weapons free zones: "The National Rifle Association is trying to block Iowa cities and counties from establishing ‘weapons free zones’ in parks, city halls, courthouses and other government buildings. The NRA says Iowa residents should be able to use deadly force to defend themselves at home or anywhere they need to.”

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