Monday, December 06, 2010

Ct.: Son Stabs Parents, shot By Father: "A father shot and killed his 24-year-old son, after the son had repeatedly stabbed him and his wife while they were in bed Saturday night, state police said. At about 7:40 p.m., David Gemeasky Jr. entered the bedroom of a home at 655 Bethel Road and stabbed David Gemeasky Sr., his father, police said. Gemeasky Jr. then stabbed Tamara Brennan, who is his biological mother, as she was trying to flee the attack, state police said. Gemeasky Sr., although suffering from serious stab wounds, was able to get his shotgun and shoot Gemeasky Jr., police said. Gemeasky Jr. was pronounced dead at the scene. Gemeasky Sr., 45, and Brennan, 43, were both transported to William Backus Hospital emergency room where they are being treated for their injuries. A hospital spokesperson said today that Gemeasky Sr. was in stable condition and Brennan was treated and released."

WA: Man gets jail for having a gun, no charge for shooting a man: "A homeowner who shot an alleged burglar on his property in September has been sentenced to five months in jail on weapons charges. A first-degree assault charge relating to the shooting was dismissed. To explain the dismissal, Vu cited the facts of the case: “There were people whom Patterson believed were burglarizing his home,” Vu said. “He confronted them, and during the confrontation, he and one of the alleged burglars both pulled out their firearms..... Patterson said he noticed Rivers and Langdon inside the detached garage at his home in the 3500 block of East McLoughlin Boulevard. So he went to his bedroom to retrieve a handgun from under his bed, according to court documents. Langdon and Rivers dropped the power drill they were carrying from the garage when confronted, but Rivers then allegedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Patterson’s head. Patterson told investigators he shot Rivers in the face in self-defense."

GA: Suspect shot dead in attempted robbery: "One suspect in a liquor store robbery was shot to death after two men attempted to rob the store in Marietta, police said. Police said the two men entered the Windy Hill Bottle Shop in Marietta about 11:35 p.m. Saturday and threatened the store clerk at gunpoint. Police said the clerk also had a gun, and all three men apparently began shooting. One of the suspects was shot and died later at an Atlanta-area hospital. The second suspect fled the building, and the clerk was not injured, police said. Police said they had not identified the man who died."

FL: Shooter shot by clerk: "A bizarre shooting broke out in an Orange County convenient store late Saturday night. Police said a masked suspect shot and killed a man inside the JC Grocery store, on Rio Grande Avenue, but then the store clerk pulled out a gun of his own and fired back. Deputies said a light-skinned man in his 50s walked into the store, and then a dark-skinned man walked in behind him and shot him. That, investigators said, was when the store clerk pulled out his gun and shot the gunman in the face. The wounded shooter managed to get away, but deputies found him later in a car off Mercy Drive. Both the gunman and the man he shot were taken to the hospital. The latter died from his injuries later Sunday morning."

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