Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CA: Pot grower fired in self defense: "New allegations surfaced Tuesday in the case of the Fresno man accused of killing a suspected pot thief -- allegations about evidence that -- the defendant's lawyer claimed -- has been withheld from him. Dydoungphan's attorney, Franz Criego, told a judge that he had just found out about possible evidence he had not been given by the district attorney's office -- pictures someone had taken on the scene during the robbery. Criego said those pictures could prove his version of what happened -- that Dydouangphan fired a warning shot at the robbers -- that one of the robbers fired a gun at him -- and that Dydouangphan then fired in self-defense, killing one man."

Detroit: One robber shot, both arrested: "Detroit police say they’ve arrested two suspects who attempted to rob an auto repair shop on the Detroit-Ferndale border. The attempted robbery happened Tuesday night at the Precision Tune Auto Shop on 8100 block of West 8 Mile Road near Livernois Avenue. Police said a male suspect tried to hold-up the shop, but a shop worker turned the tables on the suspect, whipping out a gun and shooting the suspect multiple times. The suspect fled the scene in a waiting car, police said. Minutes later, the suspects were located at Carlita Avenue and Schaefer Highway, where they were involved in an accident with another vehicle, police said. Police soon arrived on the scene and said they took two male suspects into custody."

Norming guns away: "We American gun-owners need to become more familiar with the process of ‘norming.’ The ‘norm’ of civilian disarmament already surrounds our country and has the potential to nullify our Second Amendment right. When global firearm-prohibitionists speak about ‘norming,’ they are actually discussing the process wherein society becomes increasingly hostile to the possession of arms in the hands of civilians.”

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