Friday, December 03, 2010

SC sheriff says shooting of Florida man justified: "Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner says the shooting of a Florida man on Thanksgiving Day by a private security officer was justified use of force. The Island Packet of Hilton Head reports that autopsy results Wednesday showed 42-year-old James Piotrowski of Stuart, Fla., died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, one from a gun fired by the 58-year-old security officer, Charles Gary Knox. The sheriff says the shooting occurred after an argument and gunfire between the victim and his uncle at the uncle's home in the Brays Island Plantation subdivision. Tanner said the guard shot Piotrowski after the officer saw Piotrowski shoot and wound the other man. Tanner says the fatal wound came from the guard's gun.

WA: Intruder invades cop's home, gets shot dead: "The Kitsap County Prosecutor’s office won’t prosecute Washington State Patrol Trooper Jason Blankers for fatally shooting Brent R. Bayliffe on Sept. 11, 2010 outside Bayliffe’s home in Olalla. He told Bayliffe to “keep his hands in view,” according to the Decline to Prosecute Notice. “Bayliffe did not respond coherently,” and according to the notice. Then, he jumped out of his car unexpectedly and hit Blankers in the head with a pipe. This stunned Blankers, forced him to the ground and caused a three inch cut to his head which began bleeding profusely. Then, Blankers and Bayliffe started struggling. But he relaxed for a moment to wipe the blood out of his eyes, and Bayliffe tried to grab the pipe again. To stop him, Blankers shot Bayliffe, hitting him twice."

The GOP's Wisconsin agenda: "With the Nov. 2 election of Scott Walker and solid majorities in both houses, Wisconsin Republicans have their first opportunity in a decade to distinctly redefine state policy. Making Wisconsin the 49th state that allows citizens to obtain permits to carry concealed firearms should be a slam-dunk. In recent years, concealed carry legislation has been blocked only by Gov. Doyle's veto. GOP leaders say they plan to push the issue at the beginning of the next legislative session. Although some commentators say concealed carry is a distraction from the economic issues the GOP was elected to tackle, it's a policy the party has been promising its base for years and cannot afford to punt on. The question that remains is how expansive the concealed carry legislation will be".

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