Monday, December 13, 2010

Ga. man shoots robber: "Authorities say a Georgia man shot and killed an assailant who tried to rob him in a grocery store parking lot in Rockdale County. Sheriff Jeff Wigington says Ryan Moore was heading inside an Ingles store in Conyers late Saturday when two men tried to rob him. He says one of the men had a knife. The sheriff says Moore pulled out a gun and fatally shot one of the robbers. The other ran away. Nathan Taylor, a friend of Moore's, says he fired his gun in self-defense. The sheriff says Moore's account of the shooting matches that of several witnesses in the parking lot."

Nevada man shoots, kills alleged attacker: "A man reported shooting and killing another man in self defense Friday night. The Nevada County Sheriff's Office received the 911 call at 9:54 p.m. Friday night from the alleged shooter stating the other man had broken into his residence on the 12000 block of Pinewoods Road to attack him with a hammer. He then shot the man in the chest at close range, said Sgt. Stephen Tripp. Neither man's name has been released. The Union, however, identified the shooter as Craig Marquard. Contacted at his house, Marquard confirmed his involvement but declined comment. “The shooter's wife had left him and they were in the process of divorcing, and the decedent was involved with the guy's wife,” Tripp said. “They had a phone conversation earlier in the evening and shortly after the decedent burst into the shooter's home with a claw hammer.” Both the shooter and another man were in the residence at the time, and the shooter used a handgun in self defense, Tripp said."

IL: Robber killed in tanning salon: "At L.A. Tan, a man entered the business about 6:30 p.m. and announced a robbery and pointed a handgun at a female employee. The man then ordered a female customer using a tanning bed to tie the hands and feet of the female employee with a rope he had brought with him, officials said. A few minutes later, a male customer entered the business and was ordered at gunpoint by the suspect to tie his hands together, according to police. But the customer grabbed the gun. He shot the suspect twice, police said. When the gunman reached for the ropes he carried in a bag, McDaniel saw his chance and took it. Lunging at the unmasked man and knocking him to the ground, he then grabbed the gun from the counter where the man had left it. The man fought back, and McDaniel shot him as the two struggled on the ground."

CA: Investigators say shooting was justified: "A video game store owner will not face any charges for shooting and killing a teenager who tried to rob him. The attempted robbery happened at Play-N-Trade on Brawley at Clinton in West Central Fresno Saturday night around 11:30. The body of the unidentified suspect was found about a mile away at Sussex Way and Milburn Ave. This video game store was closing up for the night when three armed suspects forced their way inside. After pushing some employees to the ground an owner took out his gun and fired one shot hitting a suspect. Salazar said the owner shot and critically wounded one teen. All three would-be robbers took off to a nearby neighborhood and drove away in a car. "About twenty minutes later we get a call of a suspect who is a victim of a shooting in a neighborhood Northwest of here about a mile and a half."

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