Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3D-printing gun site DEFCAD now attracting 3K visitors an hour, 250K downloads since launch

This article is from 19 February, so I am sure that their traffic is much higher, now that they have released the 3rd generation AR15 lower receiver files. Dean Weingarten

DEFCAD is a website for 3D printing of guns. It’s bathed in controversy, but that’s not preventing it from growing.

Since launching in December, DEFCAD has become home to nearly 90 components, including bullet casings, pistol suppressors, and even grenades.

More significant, however, are the traffic numbers. Visitors to DEFCAD have to date downloaded over 250,000 files from the site, creator Defense Distributed announced via Twitter today.

DEFCAD gets an average of 3,000 visitors per hour, representing roughly 2TB of traffic since launch, Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson said by phone today.

What all this means should be pretty clear: A whole lot of people are interested in downloading (and perhaps printing) guns.

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From LA Times:
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Melanie Mason

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