Sunday, February 17, 2013

Several good deals made at Lansing Gun Turn in

Private Buyers Scored Bargains at Lansing Gun Turn In

In spite of snow and official interference, brave Michigan Second Amendment activists offered cash for good guns at the Lansing gun turn in last Saturday (February 9th, 2013).

One person turned in an old, RG .38, and used the money to buy ammunition.

Some guns purchased for more than the offered gift card included an M1 carbine in nice shape, some hunting rifles and shotguns, a .22 revolver, a Mosin Nagant, and an SKS with a case of ammunition. The M1 carbine was reported as the most expensive purchase at $200 or less, the .22 revolver went for $100, and at least one .22 rifle went for $50.

It appears that the people from Michigan Gun Owners had a good time, even if they had to stand in the snow.

Perhaps next year the organizers of the event would invite them inside. Their willingness to purchase the nicer items would help stretch the "buyback" dollars to remove more guns from the street, and sellers would have been able to obtain more money for valuable possessions.

On review, official interference only consisted of requiring that private buyers not make offers for firearms on the church property.

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