Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Carry a Firearm for Political Purposes

I carry a firearm for political purposes

Carrying a firearm confirms the right of citizens to use force. It confirms that the ultimate sovereign is the individual citizen, not the State. It confirms that the federal and state constitutions mean something, and are not infinitely malleable by the courts, and that government is limited by the rule of law.

All of those things are opposed by statists who hate being restrained by the rule of law, disdain the citizen, and preach the rights of the group(which effectively mean no rights) vs the effective rights of the individual.

So, carrying a firearm is a symbolic step away from tyranny and back toward the rule of law. It shows that the MSM no longer controls the flow of information so that the left controls the public discourse. It shows that we can restore the Constitution, rather than descend into socialist tyranny. Much of the faith of the left depends on their belief that their philosophy will ultimately triumph. Citizens carrying firearms is a step away from the future of total control that they envision, which is why they oppose it so vigorously, and constitutionalists push it so vigorously. It is the camels nose under the tent.

I carry for political purposes.

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