Friday, February 22, 2013

MILLER: The David Gregory police mystery

The District of Columbia seems not to want the public to know what it did — if anything — while investigating NBC News’ David Gregory for possession of an illegal 30-round magazine. The police refuse to turn over the public documents in the case, and the city council is allowing them to stonewall. Mr. Gregory wielded the “high capacity” magazine on his Dec. 23 “Meet the Press” show. Afterwards, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said that it had been asked by NBC if the multi-million dollar TV anchor could possess the illegal component and refused him. The police said it was investigating the matter, but would not release any further information.(Click here to read more about the police matter.) On Jan. 9, I emailed Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier’s spokesman Gwendolyn Crump and top strategic advisor Kelly O’Meara for the case number for Mr. Gregory. By law, the police are required to turn over to the public a copy of the initial police incident/offense report, called the PD-251, which is identifiable by the six digit case number.


Washington politicians are apparently attempting to hide their two systems of justice. “This is a perfect example of what is wrong with local D.C. politics,” said Officer Baumann. “There are two sets of rules; one set for us common people; and a second set for the politically connected. It is indefensible that the criminal justice process could be manipulated to protect one individual. It undermines public confidence in the District, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system.”

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