Monday, February 18, 2013

FL:Hundreds of teachers turn up for free gun safety course in Clearwater

In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, teachers in Pinellas County are looking at ways to protect themselves.

They were given a chance to take a free gun safety course Saturday and hundreds showed up.

They had to use their school identification card to take the gun safety course, which is not typically a requirement, but on Saturday, it was.

It all started in the classroom, and then a group of Pinellas County teachers got some hands on experience when it was time to actually pull the trigger.

Lenny Bogdanos, owner of International Executive Protection in Clearwater, offered up the free course to Pinellas County teachers interested in learning about carrying a concealed weapon.

The ad went viral and Bogdanos got hundreds of calls and emails.

“Hey if you guys want to learn how to carry a weapon in light of shooting, I can do that for you and help you,” said Bogdanos.

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