Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will Maid be paid Reward for Dorner Information?

A million dollar reward was offered by the LAPD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Christopher Dorner. This story was published in the LA Times on 10 February, 2013.

The maid that surprised Dorner and told the police where he had been hiding was instrumental in ending the manhunt.

However, the report said that the reward would be for information leading to the "arrest and conviction" of Dorner. It was always highly doubtful that Dorner would ever be convicted, because it was highly doubtful that Dorner would ever be captured alive. Will the unnamed maid who escaped from Dorner's bonds and whose information lead to the end of the manhunt, receive the offered reward? Dorner will never be convicted now.

Link to reward story.

Link to story of maids and Dorner's flight

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