Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CO:87-Year-Old Fires Shot, Stops Drunk Home Invader

We’re hearing from the family of a man whose home is at the center of a scary late-night encounter with a total stranger.

Police say a man was so intoxicated he thought he was trying to get into his home, which is actually a block away.

But the elderly homeowner thought he was a burglar, so he fired a warning shot through his front door.

It happened around 1 a.m. Saturday off West Platte Ave in Colorado Springs.

A drunken man mistook the house for his. Knocking on the door turned into pounding, then running charges as he tried to get in, using the full force of his body to bust it open.

Actions that terrified the 87-year-old homeowner and his 80-year-old wife who live there.

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The reporter thinks this is not covered under the Colorado Castle Doctrine, so the homeowner could be charged. It appears to me that the reporter is simply trying to put the legitimate defender in a legal pickle by influencing the prosecutor. Dean Weingarten

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