Friday, February 15, 2013

Production of Deodand pistols Anticipated for turn in or "buyback" Ceremonies

Proposed Deodand Pistol, suggested retail, $74.99, a considerable savings over current “buyback” or turn in prices.

The presidential push for gun bans has reinvigorated the medieval practice of labeling objects as guilty deodands with gun “buybacks” or turn ins. Organizers of the turn in events typically insist that the guns be destroyed rather than sold to individuals or dealers to provided needed resources to police departments and to reduce demands on taxpayers.

In response to increased demand, gun manufacturers would do well to consider producing special “deodand” or “turn in” models. These could satisfy the demand for ceremonial destruction of “evil” firearms with lower loss of resources than the current system. As a bonus, those who wish to perform these ceremonies could buy the deodand guns in bulk, directly from the manufacturers, at considerable savings.

These guns should be labeled on the frame with a warning similar to this “Warning: Deodand or turn in model. Made for ceremonial purposes of gun destruction only. May be used in any “buyback” or other ceremony. Not made to ordinary commercial standards.”

Ads for these guns should include the warning as well as encouragement: “Melt all you want, we will make more!”

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