Friday, March 15, 2013

3D Printing: Defense Distributed's Vision (Weapons and much more)

Defense Distributed is creating a searchable database for 3D printed objects that others wish to suppress. The intent of the database has expanded far beyond 3D printed firearms, though firearms are still a focus of their efforts.

The vision of a free and open source of 3D printable objects extends far beyond what is possible today, taking us into the realms of what is possible in the foreseeable future, when additive technology will reach down to the nanoscale level.

At that point, it will be possible to create nearly anything that is possible under the constraints of the existing universe. Drugs? Designer organs? Armed drones the size of Mosquitoes?

All are possible within known constraints.

Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed’s vision is to make sure that everyone has access to all such information. You can see his presentation of their vision at the link.

The presentation is a little less than three minutes long and works well for those with modest Internet connections. It has limited video.

Link to Defense Distributed Presentation

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