Saturday, March 30, 2013

Even a woman who knows her assailant needs armed self-defense (Photos)

Starting last month, Little Rock Gun Rights Examiner Jennifer Cruz wrote a "30 days of guns saving lives" series, as a response to media exploitation of criminal "gun violence" in furtherance of the agenda of more oppressive gun regulation, and also in response to the mass media's chronic under-reporting of defensive gun use. The series was successful enough that she has continued it even after the planned 30 days ran out--and there is certainly no danger of running out of such incidents.

They are of course all compelling stories, as accounts about decent people protecting their and others' lives from predatory evil are bound to be. Yesterday's "Virginia woman shoots husband in self-defense," though, is perhaps of special interest. What makes this story particularly significant is that those who disparage the very notion of armed self-defense for women often justify their disdain with the puzzling argument that women commonly know their assailants. A "study," by the rabidly anti-gun Violence Policy Center, for example, citing statistics VPC claims "dispel many of the myths" about women and guns:

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Wireless.Phil said...

Back in the mid 90's there was another woman who packed heat and wrote a book about it, but I can't remember her name?
I think it was Paxton or something like that, could be wrong.