Sunday, March 24, 2013

Defense Distributed Will Release Complete 3D printable Pistol in 30 days.

On a hour long interview with Alex Jones, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed states that they will be releasing files for a functional, completely 3D printed pistol within a month.

Cody states "We have found some ways to make printable guns work."

Defense Distributed has already shown that they can make workable, usable magazines and lower receivers. This will be the first completely printable firearm.

Expectations are not high, but Cody Wilson believes that it will be capable of a few shots before it becomes inoperable.

It will be a modern day Liberator pistol, delivered by the internet rather than air dropped.

Link to the interview on YouTube

Link to picture and history of Liberator pistol

Link to article on Defense Distributed

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