Saturday, March 16, 2013

PI’s Connelly wrong: Gun owners also victims of ‘acceptable prejudice’

The on-line Seattle’s Joel Connelly wondered today if “anti-Catholicism (has) become the country's ‘last acceptable prejudice?’”

Northwest gun rights advocates might ask what Connelly – a liberal and something of a Seattle icon – would say about this remark, perhaps from one of his “progressive” contemporaries: “Gun nuts are the irrational dregs of society.”

That was one of several comments posted by readers of the Seattle Times in reaction to a Wednesday editorial headlined “Lawmakers favor gun lobby over voters on background check bill.”

When it comes to social bigotry, Catholics might have to take a back seat to gun owners as victims of viciousness from the anti-gun Left.

Connelly was discussing how the church is faring these days in a column that is hardly coincidental to the naming of its new Pope Francis, a “man of the cloth” who so far appears to be bringing his rather modest lifestyle as something of a culture shock to the Vatican City. Connelly acknowledges that he recently “returned to the Catholic church” and there is still much with which he disagrees. However, he doesn’t take issue with the church the way anti-gunners take issue with people who own firearms.

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