Saturday, March 30, 2013

GA:Butts County home owner shoots intruders

"It appears that there was a female and three black males. They put on bandanas across their face, they went to the back door to break into the house. The homeowner heard them, the female there. She comes around the corner and they're kicking the door to try and come in and she fires one shot," said Long.

One of the suspects,Cornelius Williams, 19, a student at Jasper High School, was shot near the right eye. A second suspect, Frank Milligan, also 19, and also a Jasper High School student, was hit in the head with shrapnel. A third suspect, Louis Ross, 25, broke his leg when he jumped off the back porch trying to escape. The female suspect, Ashley Eiland, 29, who Long says had picked the boys up from high school, has been charged with criminal attempt to commit burglary.

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