Sunday, March 17, 2013

PA:More Private Gun Sales at "Political Theater" in Coatesville at "buyback"

A group of about 15 people offered cash to buy guns that were brought to the organized turn in event at Coatesville Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Only about 40 mostly rusted firearms were turned in at the event, while the private purchasers saved at least two of the more valuable items.

From the Daily Local News:

Darren Wolfe, a blogger and political activist who organized the gathering outside the buy back, questioned the motivations and effectiveness of gun buy back programs like this one.

Wolfe described the event as “political theater” while questioning its effectiveness at increasing public safety. He also claimed events like this one demonize gun ownership and increase the stigmatization of firearms.

This type of opposition could not occur if the "background check" registration scheme of Senator Schumer were implemented.

The First Amendment and the Second Amendment complement and support each other.

"Buyback" is an obvious propaganda term, as none of the firearms were originaly owned by the government.

These "buyback" events are being opposed by private buyers all over the country.

At least one turn in effort joined Constitutional rights and anti-gun forces in an effort to remove unwanted guns from homes, sell them to responsible people, and use the proceeds for charity.

Falmouth Maine program raises money for special Olympics

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