Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MI:Citizen Report on Second Amendment Rally 20 March, 2013

Re: 2nd Amendment March & Rally at the State Capital

A big shout-out to Nick of northern Michigan for car-pooling me and big Dan to Lansing!

What a nice time. Lots of people open-carrying their sidearms along with LOTS of men and women with slung carbines and shotguns. Folks were polite, smiling and friendly. The only repugnant folks present were a few panty-waisted, slack-jawed liberals who wanted to ban all firearms.

The Michigan State Police and Capital Police were good-to-go and professional. One of the Troopers came up and commented on my jacket and told him where he could buy one. We spoke for a bit and later got a photo of us standing next to one another. Met lots of military brother's-in-Arms who were combat veterans. Talked with one big black fellow who was packing his M-16/M-4 and turns out he is a cop in Flint, MI. Met a retired Chief Warrant Officer (Army Special Forces) who had cross-trained with some of my SEAL Team-mates in Honduras. This guy served 26 years on active-duty and had three (3) Purple Hearts. You'll see him being interviewed in the video (see below).

I was impressed with the messages the speakers had for the big gathering. Those in attendance were hardy folks and quite animated and vocal despite it being 23 deg. with 15 knot winds. At one point me and Nick, being quite chilled, decided we would go into the capital building. We warmed up a bit on the third floor in the audience seats overlooking the senate hearings in progress (while open carrying both sidearms and long guns). One family man there, with his little one's in tow, said to us, "I feel a lot safer with you guys here." : )

Oakland County Campaign for Liberty put together a ten minute video of the march/rally. Here's the link: http://ap711.com/Video.html ...if for some reason the link is "No Go" then got to their home page at http://ap711.com/OakC4L and click on "Videos."

Thanks be to God for His providence and protection each new day, for, as it is written, "Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep [i.e., guards] the city, the watchman waketh but in vain" (Ps. 127:1).

Take care, neighbors...

Respectfully, Billy

-ex U.S. Naval Special Warfare operator


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