Wednesday, March 27, 2013

AZ:Phoenix Gun Turn in "buyback" Dates Announced for May 2013

The gun turn in events for Phoenix have been given dates. They will be held on Saturdays, the 4th, 11th, and 18th of May. $100 gift cards will be given for handguns, most rifles, and shotguns. $200 will be given for semi-automatic "military style" rifles.

The turn in events will be held in the Maryvale, South Phoenix, and Sunnyslope neighborhoods. The addresses of the events have not yet been announced. It has been reported that "high capacity" magazines that are turned in will also earn a card.

No limits or qualifiers have been announced so far, but only $100,000 has been allocated. Dreams of making a killing trading in old triple K magazines for $100 each are likely misplaced.

Anyone with a 3D printer might start paying it off by using the Defense Distributed designs.

Many "buybacks" (turn in is the correct phrase, the government never owned these guns in the first place) have been attended by private buyers. Some have made very good deals. Their presence stretches turn in dollars, prevents ignorant gun owners from turning in valuable guns for a pittance, and takes valuable firearms off the street and into responsible hands that appreciate them.

One charity program in Maine resulted from cooperation between a gun rights group and a gun control group. The firearms turned in were sold to a dealer, and the money donated to the Special Olympics.

Some have likened "buybacks" that have the firearms destroyed to medieval deodand rituals.

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