Saturday, June 01, 2013

CT:Operation Backfire: How New Gun Regs Pushed Me Into Getting A Concealed-Carry Permit

I never planned on getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The state of Connecticut nudged me into it, by making it illegal to buy shotgun shells down at my local Wal-Mart without a license.


Pistol permits have surged in popularity as fears of an Obama administration crackdown have driven tens of thousands of people to seek licenses as protection against further restrictions on their right to buy and use guns. The state issued 12,000 permits in 2011, up from 5,000 six years before. What used to be a several-week process has lengthened to more than two months, according to the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights organization, even though state law has a 60-day limit.

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